New York Dirt Kart Series Championship Divisions Set for 2015 Trail


LOCKPORT, NY (March 31, 2015) – With the 2015 New York Dirt Kart Series schedule now set, the championship divisions that will take part in this year’s trail have been officially announced as of Monday.

The NYDKS, New York State’s premier karting series, will see a total of eight championship divisions this season, with the addition of three PRO divisions, making for an 11 class card at each series stop.

Junior divisions competing for point championships in 2015 will consist of Jr. Red Clone, Jr. Purple Clone, Jr. Blue Clone, as well as Jr. Restricted  - Flathead Gold Plate.

Jr. Red will feature the youngest division of racing talent on the NYDKS with racers between the ages of 6 and 10, competing at a total minimum weight of 250 lbs.  Last season’s Red division saw an intense battle for the championship with Tucker Wood taking top honors over Nolan Groves and Ison Shirley.

Both Wood and Shirley are again currently registered for Jr. Red this season.

Jr. Purple Clone will be the next step up in the Jr. divisions for 2015 with racers ages 8 to 12, competing with a minimum overall weight of 280 lbs.  The Purple division will be a new entry to the NYDKS this season.

Jr. Blue Clone will be the final of the three Junior Clone classes featuring the most experienced young Clone racers on the tour, aged 10 to 14 at 310 lbs.  Oswego Kartway regular Tyler Trump scored the Jr. Blue championship in 2014 over Jeffrey Chapman and Dalton Slack.

Trump and Chapman will advance to Senior Clone divisions in 2015 with Slack returning as the championship favorite for Jr. Blue this season.

The final of the four championship Jr. divisions will be Jr. Restricted – Flathead Gold Plate.  Racers in this division are 12 to 15 years old, at 300 lbs. total.  Dan Marsden took the Gold championship one year ago over Steve Lewis Jr. and Chapman.

Senior divisions competing for 2015 championships will be Flathead 350, Senior Clone Lite, Senior Clone Heavy, and Super Heavy Clone.  All of these divisions are set at ages 14 and older.

Clone Lite saw Ryan Swartz, Colin Spatorico, and Matt Chavis battle for the title in 2014 with Swartz coming out on top by just three points over Spatorico.

A total of 18 racers are currently pre-registered for the 340 lb. Clone Lite division in 2015 including Spatorico, last year’s Jr. Blue champion Trump, as well as the likes of Todd Root, Kevin Root, Matt Farnham, and Brad Duhow.

Clone Heavy was run last season as Clone 365, also featuring a battle between Swartz, Chavis, and Spatorico.  Again, it was Swartz emerging on top, this time over Chavis in the runner-up position by a scant five points.

Clone Heavy, which will run at 375 lbs., has 10 pre-entries as of press time, again featuring Spatorico, Trump, Farnham, the Roots, as well as Ricky Pritchard – who claimed the $1,500 top prize at Oswego’s Fall Frenzy last September.

Super Heavy Clone will run at 400 lbs. overall in 2015, with drivers weighing a mandated 200 lbs.  Last year’s championship battle saw Jason Moll come out on top over Brian Knox and DJ Shuman.

A popular division, 11 drivers are already pre-registered for Super Heavy for the year including championship contenders Moll and Knox.

The last of the Sr. championship divisions will be the Flathead 350 class, which was dominated last year by Kevin Root over Trent Curtis and Zach Mooney.

Currently none of that trio is registered for this season, but championship hopefuls Shuman, Duhow, and Chapman have filed entries.

Separate from the 2015 championship divisions, which will score points through the tour, are the three PRO divisions that will compete each week for prize money only.  All PRO divisions are ages 14 and older, and in order to compete in a PRO division the driver must also register for a championship point division at that night’s event as well.

One Jr. PRO division will be offered as PRO Blue Clone.  This will be for drivers ages 10 to 14 at 310 lbs.

Sr. PRO divisions will also be offered as PRO Clone and PRO Flathead.  The weight for the Clone division will be set at 375 lbs. with the Flathead weight minimum being 350 lbs.

All of these divisions will get to take to the track at the series’ first stop on Saturday, May 16 at Allegany Memorial Speedway in Wellsville, NY.  The 1/10 mile, high banked facility, will set the tone for the state championship tour in 2015.   

For more information on the NYDKS 2015 tour visit online at www.nydks.com or email President Shawn Jeffery at shawnjeffery@yahoo.com

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2015 New York Dirt Kart Series Championship/PRO Divisions

1. Super Heavy Clone Class 400 lbs. (Ages 14 and older/Driver 200 lbs w/gear)

2. Senior Clone Heavy Class 375 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

3. Senior Clone Lite Class 340 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

4. Jr. Restricted Class, Flathead Gold Plate 300 lbs. (Ages 12 - 15)

5. Jr. Purple Clone 280 lbs. (Ages 8 - 12)

6. Jr. Blue Clone 310 lbs. (Ages 10 - 14)

7. Jr. Red Clone 250 lbs. (Ages 6 - 10)

8.  Flathead 350 (Ages 14 and older)

9.  Pro Clone:  375 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

10.  Pro Blue Clone:  310 lbs. (Ages 10 - 14 

11.  Pro Flathead:  350 (Ages 14 and older)









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New York Dirt Kart Series Unveils 2015 State Series Championship Schedule

LOCKPORT, NY (March 9, 2015) – The New York Dirt Kart Series, New York State’s premier karting series, officially announced its six race series schedule on Monday which will span from May through the month of September.

The 2015 NYDKS tour is set to open on Saturday, May 16 with action held at Allegany Memorial Speedway in Wellsville, NY.  The 1/10 mile, high banked facility, will set the tone for the state championship tour, which has already seen 60 pre-entry memberships filed for the coming season.

Brad Duhow and Kevin Root scored PRO victories at AMS one year ago, with top kart engine builder Matt Chavis snagging a win in Lite Clone.

Round two of the NYDKS will move north to Can Am Speedway on Saturday, June 20 in LaFargeville, NY.  Can Am held two popular events on the NYDKS tour last season, including the annual Fall Classic.

Root, Ryan Swartz, and Will Shields claimed top victories at Can Am one year ago with the northern Speedway again looking to attract the best in New York State karting in 2015.

An open series rain date will be set for Saturday, June 27 should either the AMS or Can Am dates be lost to weather.

The month of July will see the NYDKS move to western New York, as the series takes on Ransomville, NY’s Ransomville Speedway on Saturday, July 18.  The tour did not hit the ‘Little R’ in 2014, but plans are set for a big show in mid-July. 

A Ransomville rain date is also set for Sunday, July 19.

The next championship date for the NYDKS tour will be held at Starlite Speedway in Trumansburg, NY on Saturday, August 15.  One year ago both Kevin and Todd Root, Chavis, and Phil Young led the way in series events, with a total of 19 entries taking the green in Pro Clone.

Another rain date will be set for Sunday, August 16.

Following the four championship races on the schedule a non-point event will be held at Paradise Speedway on Saturday, September 5 in Geneva, NY with another open series rain date planned for Saturday, September 19.

The final event on the 2015 calendar will be the annual NYDKS Fall Classic, this year heading to Lime Rock Speedway in Leroy, NY on Saturday, September 26, serving as the 2015 NYDKS championship event.

During the first four point races of the season at AMS, Can Am, Ransomville, and Starlite – one championship drop will be allowed.  However, no drops will be allowed for the Fall Classic at Lime Rock, making the series finale a can’t miss event for all kart racers in the northeast.

Another tour rain date is set for Sunday, September 27.

A stellar field of entries has already been filed in for 2015 including last year’s series champions Dalton Slack, Tucker Wood, Jason Moll, Tyler Trump, and Kevin Root.

For more information on the NYDKS 2015 tour visit online at www.nydks.com or email President Shawn Jeffery at shawnjeffery@yahoo.com