2016 New York Dirt Kart Series Rules

1. Kart Classes

Point Classes:

1. Super Heavy Clone Class 400 lbs. (Ages 14 and older/Driver 190 lbs w/gear)

2. Senior Clone Heavy Class 375 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

3. Senior Clone Medium Class 355 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

4. Senior Clone Lite Class 340 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

5. Jr. Purple Clone 280 lbs. (Ages 8 - 12)

6. Jr. Blue Clone 310 lbs. (Ages 10 - 14)

7. Jr. Red Clone 250 lbs. (Ages 6 - 10)


Pro Classes:

1.  Pro Clone:  375 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

2.  Pro Blue Clone:  310 lbs. (Ages 10 - 14)

3.  Pro Purple Clone:  310 lbs. (Ages 8 - 12)

4.  Semi Pro Clone:  340 lbs. (Ages 14 and older)

** If you have ever won a previous NYDKS Pro Race (Clone or FH), then you will not be able to race the semi pro class. (If you win during the year in this class you can still keep racing this class thru 2016). 


*  To compete in Pro Races, drivers must enter at least one points class for the evening's events.


2. Series Membership Fees
( Birth Certificate Required )


All memberships are $50 per driver per class to receive year end awards and monies  


3. Kart Registration for Classes:

All point classes will be $40 to register per race for members, and $55 for Non Members.


*  Non-members can race any of the series classes but must read & sign the series rules before racing.
*  Only Members are eligible to receive cash & prizes at the end of the year banquet.

*  Members must register before the beginning of the 3rd Series race to be eligible for the year end awards.
*  Pay-Outs will be handed out at the end of the night. Payouts are based on sponsorship and kart count. 

*  Season ending awards and monies will be paid out to members who attend 2/3 (4 out of 6) of   events.


4. Heats / Features

A.  All Classes will be Time Trial and Feature Only.

B.  Drivers that cause 3 cautions will be sent to the pits.
C.  Line-up on restart will go back to the last completed lap.

D.  All starts will be single file.

5. Registration

A. The scorers for NYDKS will have the drivers sign in , register & take monies for the series races.
B. If racer wants to enter in different classes other than the series, they will need to go through the track staff for their classes. It is encouraged to enter races outside our series to support the track.
C. Pit-pass money is collected through the track staff at the gate.

6. Point System

A. Anyone who is a membership driver and is in the top ten points is a guaranteed starter in the A- main race.
B. Extra 10 Bonus Points for competing in all point series events. 
C. One drop will be given to the first 5 point races.  The Fall Classic will not be eligible to drop.  This will be the 2016 Championship Event.  For 2016, DQ's cannot be dropped (As voted on by members at 2015 Awards Banquet).

D. Extra 10 Bonus Points for registering on or before April 1st. 2016.

7. Rules / Tech Rules

A. Flathead engine rules per WKA Briggs & Stratton Stock Raptor 5HP engine.
B. Senior Clone engine rules per 2016 AKRA "Box Stock" rules with the following exceptions:  A big pipe (any stage) may be used.  Drum clutches will be mandatory, and stock flywheels will still be allowed. 
C. No claimer for Clone engine.

E.  Jr Clones will still be utilizing the small pipe with twist on RLV muffler.  Max. 19" on height of pipe (pre tech).  Drum Clutches will be used also.
D. If there is an instance where the tech person has an engine that he built there will be a designated person there to oversee that the tech rules & procedures are followed.
E. Burris tires only. SS33a's only.

F:  On Clone and Flathead Motors, electric starters will be allowed in 2016.

* Pushing on the original start or restarts will not be tolerated!  1st offense warned , 2nd offense sent to the tail.

F. No fighting or yelling will be tolerated
G. No bashing on the internet. May result in suspension from the series and loss of points. The series doesn’t need to have all the internet drama. We are trying to have a series that is fun to be involved in.
H. Series Race Director will oversee of the Series Event. He will correspond with the track flaggers and the track officials. This includes controlling the race and making calls based on his judgment.